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Confident, creative and autonomous study

Do you struggle with your studies?
Do you have difficulty understanding course materials, making notes, or planning your work?


Developing skills to overcome the challenges of studying takes considerable time and effort. Keeping up with the study load, while acquiring the study skills needed for progression requires hard work and determination, particularly at the higher education level, and even more so when dyslexia and /or other difficulties are involved.


With extensive experience of supporting students in a variety of contexts, Less Linear can help you to develop the skills required to study effectively. Less Linear provides individually tailored tutoring sessions to help you to...


  • Manage your study routine

  • Learn more effectively

  • Explore your learning preferences

  • Choose study strategies

  • Develop flexibility for study

  • Unlock your creativity

  • Study confidently, creatively and autonomously

* Although our study skills tuition is predominantly designed for university students with dyslexia and other literacy difficulties, the sessions are equally suitable for all students.

We can work with you to help you to manage your time effectively, enabling you to ‘study smarter, not harder’.
Do you waste too much time?
Many students are surprised at how simple and effective the planning process can be. We can help you find a method that works best for you.
Do you avoid making essay plans?
We can work together to develop techniques for producing clear and concise notes that can be easily drawn on for assignments or revision.
Do you struggle to take notes during lectures & seminars?