Develop your study skills?

Our one to one study skills sessions can help you to study more effectively. We model and encourage use of multi-sensory strategies and other powerful ways to learn in line with your study preferences. Our aim is to help you study with more confidence, creativity and autonomy. Our study skills sessions help you to …

  • Build a study routine
  • Manage your time
  • Explore your study preferences
  • Select helpful study strategies
  • Develop your academic reading skills
  • Overcome barriers to learning
  • Retain and recall information
  • Develop your academic writing style
  • Take notes effectively
  • Analyse assignment questions
  • Our study skills tuition is particularly suitable for university students with dyslexia and/or other learning difficulties, although sessions are just as relevant for all students. Please let us know your needs and preferences.

    Write a better CV?

    Our CV Buzz sessions provide detailed feedback on your current CV plus a full breakdown of CV structure, style, and content. Buzz sessions are personalised to help you to write your CV, demonstrating your impact from your contact details through to your interests. Our aim is that you develop the confidence and knowledge to rework your CV and tailor it to different job applications. We offer a Bronze, Silver and Gold service to suit your needs and budget. Our CV Buzz sessions help you to …

  • Write a concise, informative and attractive CV
  • Select the most suitable format for your CV
  • Focus on your selling points
  • Optimise your CV for ATS systems
  • Showcase your key skills throughout your CV
  • Tailor your CV to the role and industry
  • Quantify your experience for maximum impact
  • Develop your English language skills?

    Our CELTA English language sessions, for all ages and levels, are flexible and adapted to individual needs. They foster self-learning, and thinking skills through a facilitator and activity style and include engaging materials developed by us to suit you. Our aim is that you develop confidence and independence in your English language skills and increase your English fluency for travel, work and leisure. Our English tuition sessions help you to …

  • Develop your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills through the use of creative online tools
  • Build your vocabulary in areas of your choice through engaging materials
  • Prepare you for exams through multi-sensory methods
  • Develop your pronunciation and fluency with a native British speaker
  • Enhance your presentation skills through debate practice and lessons that help you communicate with confidence
  • Book a session