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Student Feedback

London student

"Great experience so far, will definitely continue to book sessions when needed. very patient and open minded, I appreciate the way you can break down things in the most simplest form until I understand the concept"

Milton Keynes


"[Study skills tuition has challenged] my perspective to see the whole question from different angles and highlighting my errors in my writing to ensure it is correct. I now know to look out for certain things in my writing, such as subject verb agreement."

St Albans


"Joanna keeps me focused and teaches me new strategies that may help me with my dyslexia. Jo makes [study skills sessions] interesting as she relates stuff that I'm struggling with to my life experiences or things that I like. I like working with Jo. She pushes me to reach my full potential.  Joanna encourages me to work hard and doesn't just tell me the answer like my old study skills worker did. She also has the patience of a saint."

London Student

"Having this support is extremely good for me because I'm learning how to do things I had not done before and found it very difficult before"

London Student

"I have really enjoyed my study skills sessions. Joanna is easy to talk to and simplifies techniques which makes these sessions enjoyable rather than painful. I can now plan my report or essays in advance so that they are structured in a logical order."

London Student

"You're a great teacher and I cannot thank you enough for the invaluable tools and techniques you have taught me and in such a short space of time."

London Student

"Keep up the great work! Thanks for all your help!"

London Student

"Extremely helpful and patient as I know sometimes I still can't get the hang of things. Great support"

London Student

"Joanna is very supportive and has built my confidence! I would recommend Joanna to anyone requiring literacy and learning support"

Open University residential schools

"Joanna did an incredible job with [the student] during the Residential School. She acted as an indefatigable assistant, helping the student to move around and study from early morning till dusk [...] In class, Joanna was ever so supportive, always paying attention and responding to [the student's] needs without being overly intrusive, and therefore letting her develop her own autonomy. The great student-assistant symbiosis and rapport were evident right from the start, and they bore fruit by the end of the week, as [the student] spoke at the end of the last session about how much more confident and motivated she felt, in sharp contrast to her self-deprecating comments early in the week. Joanna worked tirelessly, showing great interpersonal skills as she liaised with the tutors to keep [the student's] progress and wellbeing under constant scrutiny, adapting flexibly to changes whilst keeping a positive outlook. There were difficulties during the week, such as when [the student] became upset and agitated due to the coronavirus situation on Tuesday, and Joanna was key in stemming the potential crisis when it started to emerge in collaboration with the tutors and the School Director. I was also impressed with Joanna’s great assertive skills, as she would not treat [the student] with pity or condescension but rather be firm when needed to keep the student on the right track."



"Just to say thanks so much for everything...I really appreciate your flexibility with timing and I think our system of communicating/sending resources and updates every now and then via Google Keep worked well. Thank you for your supportive, encouraging, relaxed nature"

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