Mind map uses

Mind mapping is seen as a powerful tool for study, work and personal projects. Using either a pen and paper or digital method, the technique encourages creativity and, according to mind mapping inventor, Tony Buzan, lets us use our brains naturally, in the way we are supposed to use them. There are many uses for mind mapping - here are just a few for study purposes:

Breaking down a task




Breaking down a task entails chunking it into a number of more manageable parts

Circle the task in the centre, and use the branches of a mind map to outline a series of small tasks, helping to reduce the mental strain of tackling a complex task.

Brainstorming allows us to get ideas out of our heads

Centre the topic on the page and then quickly jot down all your ideas on that topic. The mind map format will help you capture your ideas as you freely express them and reach the full scope of the topic.

Planning involves selecting and ordering ideas and deciding on a suitable structure for your work