This week I was asked for some motivation tips, which I was happy to provide.

While thinking about this and researching ideas, I came across the technique of writing a contract for ourselves. So I thought I would put one together as an example for the students I support,

Here is my suggestion for a motivating study contract:

I, ______, hereby agree and commit to take the following steps to increase my chances of success:


I accept that currently (during lockdown etc.), motivating myself can be really, really hard, so I will be realistic and patient with myself.


1. I will remind myself of why I am studying, keeping my future outcomes in mind.

2. I will set up my desk as an inviting place to study and tidy it regularly.

3. I will pick up some good stationery on my next supermarket sweep and have them on my desk ready to use.

4. I will make a fresh start each week, writing out a plan on Sunday and following it through on Monday (and hopefully Tuesday...)

5. I will make myself accountable by pasting up my weekly goals where a supportive family member can see them (on the fridge) and support me.

6. I will make a vision board to inspire me each day (quotes, pictures, future outcomes etc.).

7. I will work out which are my best hours of the day (at least two!) and channel my energies into that "Power Hour".

8. I will take regular breaks and vary activities to maintain my energy levels (preferably using the 'Pomodoro' technique).

9. I will breathe some fresh air and stretch my limbs every day.

10. I will boost my energy with good food and water, avoiding energy-draining food and drink.

11. I will maintain my passion for my subject by exploring the topic from different angles and networking with others etc.

12. I will pay attention to my distractors and work at keeping them at bay.

13. I will be prepared for my urges to quit with an action plan for difficult times.

14.. I will find positive, kind ways to comfort myself when I am having a particularly hard time.


I understand that I can not rely on motivation, as I know that on many occasions, only self-discipline will cut it.

What do you think? Will you make your own study contract? I can help you to prepare one, based on the example above if you would like.

Remember - you didn't come this far, only to come this far.

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