Noted? or not?

During one to ones with students, I regularly discuss which aspects of study they find most challenging, and then together we explore ways they can develop their skills in those areas.  From these conversations, I've noted that one of the most challenging study skills is note-taking during lectures and presentations. This is also something that individuals tend to find tricky in work meetings and presentations - so it's a skill well worth developing during studies to carry over to the workplace.

Although there are various note-taking software packages available to students (which I may recommend where appropriate), I still support the use of pen and paper note-taking, either as a complement to software, or even as the preferred method. 

If this is a skill you’d like to improve on, I suggest that you think about ‘before, during and after’ timezones. Read on for a breakdown of the three.


Before a lecture, do your best to get hold of pre-lecture notes