One student's study strategies

A computer science student shares her top five study strategies...

Starting an Open University or other university modules, can be difficult whatever age you are but the positive is that learning is endless. The strategies that I established while studying at the Open University were these:

1. So for a fresh academic year, go ahead and do some stationery shopping. This can help motivate you and inspire you to write things down. I love a new pen! Don’t forget about using coloured pens if required. 


2. One saying that I have always been told is to ‘treat education like a chessboard’ - as you need to strategise, just like you need to do in chess! Review your current grades and decide what you need to do, in order to accomplish the overall grade that you require. 

3. Working at your own pace is a strategy that took me a while to learn during the four years of completing a degree. I have realised that I should work at my own pace in my own time. So for example, I had recommendations to study in the morning; however, I am more of a night owl student. Find what works best for you!

4. Never leave Harvard referencing until the last minute. Learn your university’s Harvard referencing as I learnt the hard way this year with three days before submitting my dissertation.  I left Harvard referencing till the last minute and the library was closed for the weekend. Just make sure you have your Harvard referencing sorted before going onto any important work!

5. Proof reading is vital therefore never leave this till the last minute! And don’t forget the unnecessary capitals in your writing. 

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