Studying alongside your children

Are you a parent and a student? Do you study at home with children around you? I was - and I needed some strategies! 

Without a flexible approach, I wouldn't have been able to make it through my courses.  A quiet environment, study materials in order, a good routine, and a high level of concentration, all things that facilitate study, didn't seem possible with children bobbing around. However, I used these five strategies to make studying around children possible for me:

  1. Holding a homework club for you and the children - tell the kids the time of the homework club, pop a fun sign on the door (click below on 'homework club sign-2 for a free poster) and turn off the TV. Sit around a table together, spread out the paper and pens and enjoy studying together.

  2. Being a child - embrace the little you! Allow yourself to do things that a child does, especially the things that you did well as a child. Did you doodle a lot? - then include doodles in your notes (you might want to find out about 'sketchnotes'). Did you enjoy using colours? - then make study mindmaps with the kids’ felt tips.

  3. Not losing your rag when you’re interrupted. You may be fully focused on reading your textbook when a little one comes running in with a grazed knee, or you may be writing notes when the kids can’t find their shoes - “What now?? Not again! Can’t you see I’m studying?” -  It’s ok to expect relative peace and quiet, but not allowing any interruptions is unrealistic and